Scale up your Enrolment

Enlist is a customizable enrolment system that helps institutes to collect applications and payment at one stop.

Collect application and get payment done at the same time.

An essential part of enrolment is to make it a one-stop-shop, so that no extra manual job dragging the user on-boarding journey and user could find it very simple to complete it. Enlist acquires customers quick by making it remotely accomplishable. Whether you’re a school principal, a private lesson teacher, or an event organizer, Enlist has you covered.

Customizable application form

You may design and customize application forms to collect the required information that suit your service.

Dynamic form options

Display dynamic form field values base on what the user has selected. For example, to display the available time slots base on the class one has chosen.

Pay. Submit. Done

Set fees on per-course basis and users could e-pay it when submitting the application. Enlist supports payment through major credit cards, Alipay and FPS.

Overview enrolment status

Both you and the applicants can check the latest enrolment status. Enlist also provides the enrolment report that summarize all the submitted applications.

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